WATCH: ISIS Inspired Pipe Bomb Detonates, Bangladeshi Akayed Ullah ‘Immigrated’ Under Obama

An onlooker tells the New York Police Department what he saw before the bomb went off. Police have a suspect in custody, and three have been injured in the blast. Miraculously, no one is dead.

An explosion rocked the New York City Port Authority this morning at around 7:19 A.M. EST, shutting down the transportation hub at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue. The explosion occurred on a walkway between the world-famous Times Square and the bus hub at 42nd and 8th.  The explosion has caused the shutdown and evacuation of the A, C, and E line in what is the first explosion believed to be linked to terrorism that has occurred in New York City in years, though it is only the second terrorist attack in as many months to rock New York City.

The only currently-available image of the bomber.                                                                        Note how little injury he sustained, eve though he was wearing the bomb.

At this time, the New York Police Department has one suspect in custody, who is believed to be in his 20’s and to have been arrested with a second device on his person.  The suspect, identified as Akayed Ullah, is an Obama-era immigrant.  The explosive device is believed to have been a primitive pipe bomb.  Other accounts have suggested that it was not a pipe bomb, but a poorly-designed suicide vest that failed to detonate properly when triggered.

It appears that the device was being transported by the suspect now in custody, when it detonated by accident, injuring the assailant and three people nearby, according to media claims. The suspect’s second pipe bomb appears to have not gone off in the explosion, miraculously.

After the explosion, the New York Police Department has moved officers armed with rifles into the area, as well as deploying K-9 dogs and the bomb squad to the area.  The terminal was evacuated, and both the rail depot and the bus depot nearby are likely to be closed for the foreseeable future.

This is yet another terrorist attack that seems to have fallen apart not because of government intervention or alert, but rather because the terrorist was poorly-equipped to handle the explosives they were carrying.  It is reminiscent of the outcome of the two attempted plane bombings, when the shoe bomber and the underwear bomber both failed to ignite their explosives in mid-flight.

Recent reports claim that the suspect was from Bangladesh, and that his name is Akayed Ullah.  Claims have said that he declared the attack to be in the name of ISIS (who are currently busy being slaughtered on one side by American and Iraqi forces and on the other by Syrian and Russian forces), and it was likely that the attacker from majority-Islamic Bangladesh would also be a Muslim.  Bangladesh, a country that Islamicized in the early 13th century, has a population that is 90 percent Muslim and 9.5 percent Hindu.

The bombing is an obvious attack not just on the American way of life (as it appears that the suspect was planning to bomb two of the busiest transportation points in New York City), but also on American infrastructure.  The attack has those in New York City terrified, and has shut down the flow of traffic and people into the city, effectively shutting down a central business hub for much of the day.

We can all be thankful that, thanks to incompetence, injuries were minimal. Not only are the three victims injured not reported to have sustained life-threatening injuries, but the bomber also is not reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries. Indeed, the extent of injuries to the Bangladeshi Bomber appears to have been a laceration to the thigh, which is pretty minor for someone who tried to set off an explosive device they were apparently wearing.

While the city is temporarily shut down, traffic is expected to resume after rerouting is achieved, so the city will be back up and running in short order. This is not the first time that New York City has had to deal with catastrophy, after all, and it will not likely be the last.

The POTUS, the Mayor of New York City, and the Governor of the state of New York have all stated that they have been briefed on the situation and will continue to observe it as it develops.  Police and citizens are encouraged to stay vigilant as they go about their day, and to inform police or other local authorities if they notice something out of place.

New York City is a resilient city, and by the time the impact of the bomb is cleaned up, the city will be back to normal.  Truly, in their resilience the citizens of NYC can be a great model for us all.

Terrorists have tried to make US citizens cower in fear for a decade and a half, since the day when a handful of radicals managed to slam planes into the World Trade Center.  We will not, and can not, let them change our ways of life, our willingness to go out and be Americans.  New York City remains, in the words of Henley, “bloodied but unbowed” under the assaults of third-world terrorists and Islamo-fascists.

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