NYC “Awarded” $180,000 Three Muslim Women over Hijab Lawsuit.

Police officer’s jobs are hard enough these days. Everywhere they turn they are met with criticism, lawsuits, and even violence. Even when they do their job by the book, liberals and advocates rarely notice and still attack. That is exactly what occurred in New York City, New York.

Three criminal Muslim women filed and won a $180,000 lawsuit against the New York Police Department, $60,000 for each woman. The women were all arrested for various crimes and forced to remove their hijabs for mugshots.

According to one woman, this made her feel “exposed, violated and distraught” since while she was being photographed male officers and prisoners could see her. Their distress lasted about 20 minutes or about $3,000 a minute.

The money that this cost the NYPD may not end there. To avoid this type of lawsuit in the future, they may have to spend money to change some of their policies. One of the women’s case began in 2012 and it highlights some big issues.

When NYPD officers brought her to the 62nd precinct, they instructed her to remove her headscarf. The teen refused the officers’ orders, and was taken to a private room where a female officer took her photo separate from the men.

Резултат со слика за hijab NYPD

After being taken to a Brooklyn jail for booking, officers informed her that they could not accommodate her request because no female officers could take the photo and the camera was in a fixed spot.

The teen claimed that she felt “exposed, violated, and distraught” after a male officer took her mugshot photo of her without her hijab while officers and prisoners watched.

The NYPD issued an order that changed its policy on people who refused to remove their headscarves in March 2015. The resulting policy change required officers to inform people that the NYPD provides the option of taking booking photos in a private room with an officer of the same gender.

In Islam, it is considered sacrilegious to remove the headscarf of a Muslim woman by force. It is typical for only a Muslim woman’s husband or her family members to see her without her headscarf.


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