Minnesota Muslims Started Attacking Christians.

Over the last several years, Minnesota has quickly become a Sharia swampland thanks to liberal politicians and their insane policies. One of those systems is allowing floods of Muslim refugees to move into the state without proper vetting which has caused an increase in violence. For instance, over the past summer, the entire country was left in utter shock when a Somali Muslim police officer shot and killed Justine Damond, a white woman in cold blood after she called 911 to report a crime occurring in her neighborhood.

Soon after that horrific crime, another white woman was viciously attacked, and the mainstream media has been busy burying to keep it silent, but that is all about to change.

After Justine Damond was gunned down in cold blood Somali Muslims in Minnesota, have grown increasingly arrogant realizing that one of their own was able to get away with murder with no consequences. These Somali Muslims have been parading around Minnesota harassing and threatening white women with violence and rape. Now, because government officials have not taken these threats seriously, another innocent woman has been attacked in a near-death assault right before Christmas.

Morgan Evenson was stabbed 14 times by a Somali man while walking home from work Dec. 13

Morgan Evenson was walking home in downtown Minneapolis on the evening of Dec. 13 when a black man got out of his car, chased her down, tackled her and repeatedly thrust a 3-4-inch blade into her flailing body. The 26-year-old computer-store clerk frantically fought back, kicking, scratching and screaming for help.

Muslim 'Police' Now Patrolling European Streets, Similar Groups In Minnesota

Muslim ‘Police’ Now Patrolling European Streets,

Similar Groups In Minnesota

Here is more from WND:

At some point, neighbors heard her screams and came to her aid. Her attacker – described as a Somali man in his early 20s, about 5-foot-7 with a slight build and wearing grey stone-washed jeans – fled. Evenson was left bleeding on the curb with 14 stab wounds on her arms, neck, and back. Her kidney was lacerated. She was lucky to survive.

It happened while she was walking home from the Apple Store, where she worked, about eight blocks away from her apartment. That’s when the man attacked her for no apparent reason. Police, who have not made any arrests in the case, are calling it a botched robbery. Evenson told KSTP she struggled with her attacker at the corner of 32nd Street and Fremont Avenue and she considers herself lucky to be alive.

“It was horrifying because I could feel something that felt like it was stinging me, but it was him stabbing me,” she said. “Doctor’s told me I had 14 wounds that needed stitches, including a lacerated kidney.”

Evenson told KSTP her main concern now is getting better and helping police find whoever did this so he cannot do it again.

“I cannot imagine anyone attacking someone like that and as a woman, it is especially frightening, but I knew I had to fight back and I want him to know I am OK and that he will be caught,” Evenson said.

Police have called the case unusual for the level of brutality just to get a woman’s purse, leading some to wonder if the assailant didn’t want more than just a purse. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the city’s largest newspaper, has been AWOL on the story.

The newspaper’s on-duty news editor, Maria Reeve, did not return WND’s calls Tuesday to inquire about why it went dark on such a brutal, unprovoked attack on a defenseless, unarmed woman walking home from work.Other media, such as the Southwest Journal, have reported on the crime but left out the assailant’s full description as a Somali migrant.

It has been almost three weeks since the brutal attack and the police are no closer to arresting someone then they were the day of the stabbing. In fact, according to the police, they still do not understand what could have spurned such a horrific assault considering that the level of brutality over a purse snatching.

Crime Prevention Specialist Jennifer Neale told the Southwest Journal on December 20, “We’re still scratching our heads about it, because it’s just so brazen,” noting the level of violence used to “get a purse.”

And, that would fit considering that Morgan stated the attacker never made any attempt to grab her purse in the first place. However, the Somali Muslim attacker just focused on repeatedly stabbed the young white woman in her torso, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

As stated before, the mainstream media has remained silent on this brutal crime, but rather stay focused on false narratives of Russian Collusion and fawning over Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech then focus on an actual story.

The police and local officials are busy covering up these atrocious crimes so that the left can continue to allow Muslims to flood the country. It’s entirely disgusting to see what is going on right underneath our noses as liberals continue to force us to bring in more of third world country savages into America. These Muslim refugees continue to prove to us that they have no intentions of assimilating into Western society, and with these anti-American politicians allowing it to occur these attacks on “infidels” will sadly become the new normal in places like Minneapolis and other cities across the country.

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