Gun Range Owner Banned Muslims And now Will Run For Arkansas Governor.

Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range in Hot Springs, made the announcement in a video posted to YouTube on Dec. 30.

In the Republican primary, she’ll challenge incumbent Asa Hutchinson, who was elected in 2014.

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Jan Morgan, who has served as national spokesperson for Citizens for Trump, officially announced her candidacy at a New Year’s Eve event in her hometown of Hope Springs, Arkansas, though she created a campaign website and began soliciting campaign contributions earlier in 2017.

Jan Morgan is a FOX News contributor who is very outspoken in her conservative beliefs and echos Trump’s goal to “make America safe again.” So obviously, letting a bunch of Muslims into her gun range to practice their future jihad skills on America immediately made Morgan change the policy at the Gun Cave Indoor Firing Range, the range she owns in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She decided to make her range a “Muslim free zone,” which of course sent liberals into a collective meltdown, where they immediately branded Morgan as a “bigot.”

“I refuse to train the next Islamic terrorist,” Morgan wrote on her site at the time, the Kansas City Star reported.

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New York Daily News reported on Morgan’s decision to run.

 “My American Dream is to wake up one day to discover I no longer have to fight. My dream is a victorious end to the constant attacks on our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our own citizens and an out-of-control government,” Morgan stated.

Morgan’s signature issue will be gun rights, according to campaign materials.

“I have devoted my time and energy to fighting the persistent attacks on the Second Amendment because, without it, we have no means to defend the remaining Bill of Rights,” Morgan says on her site.

She states that her “goal” is to repeal “the thousands of gun control laws on the books in America so we can return to our Founders’ original position on gun rights.”

“The Second Amendment is my line in the sand,” she writes, adding the Greek phrase “Molon labe” meaning “come and take.”

In the “Meet Jan” section of the gubernatorial candidate’s site, Morgan is described as a “wife and a mother” who “also shoots guns and riders her own Harley!”

A photo shows her wearing a Trump hat that says, “Make American Great Again.”

On Monday, Morgan announced she would hold a meet-and-greet event later this month at the Perry County Fairgrounds.

“Are Muslims invited?” asked a commenter on Facebook.

Morgan’s official page responded: “This is a public event not a private business that has to adhere to federal law. Therefore like any citizen are free (sic) to attend.”

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  1. Mic Lawler

    Refreshing ! Common sense and courage ! Just make sure you have good security after the strong and right public stand you have taken !


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