1. You tell your cat your problems.

Because no one is a better listener

2. Your cat is the best snuggle buddy you know.

Although he is always little spoon

3. You know your cat won’t judge you.

Mostly because cats can’t talk

4. Your cat loves to watch the same TV shows as you.

And only sometimes tries to pause the episode by stepping on the keyboard

5. Your cat is always trying to help.

Especially when it comes to doing laundry

6. Your cat is the best secret-keeper you know.

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Again, it can be a good thing that cats can’t talk

7. Your cat puts up with all your annoying habits.

She is very patient


8. You look forward to spending time with your cat.

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And you miss him when you’re apart

9. You and your cat always have a good time together.

No matter what

10. You stand up for your cat.

(Cat) haters gonna hate

11. Life is never boring with your cat.

He’s easily excited

12. Your cat loves naps as much as you do.

Just like you, sleeping is her favorite pastime

13. You and your cat have the best talks.

Meow? Meow.

14. You love your cat unconditionally.

And you know he feels the same

15. Your cat is the best person you know.

Резултат со слика за Your cat is the best person you know.

And that’s a fact

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