horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person’s birth.

2018 Horoscopes is based on Moon Sign. The Vedic Astrology system prescribes predictions based on Moon Sign for more accuracy.

2018 Aries:

Aries, planets demand more hard work from you. There will be new opportunities as well as life lessons to learn. You will do well in career and income also looks satisfactory. However, some issues might take place on the domestic front. From March to July, you need to be cautious in spending or expenditure could spiral out of control. During this period, do not indulge in foreign connections either. If you are a businessperson, do not start a new venture from April to September as losses are indicated. Broadly, 2018 horoscope holds promise for Aries

How 2018 would be for Aries?

2018 brings relief and a ray of hope after some challenging & negative times of the last year, as indicates Aries 2018 Horoscope. Aries, you will feel that in 2018 you are able to dig yourself out of the hole that the last two years had presented to your career as well as level of opportunities in general. The New Year 2018 promises growth based on opportunities from overseas, a rise in clarity about how you should pace your career for the future and clarity as to the planning that needs to happen for sustained progress in life.

Aries 2018 Career Horoscope

Aries, Work will grow but only if you are cautious and learn to look as well as plan for opportunities. You need to keep a look out for opportunities from overseas. If you travel this year, some good results are possible from new customers from other parts of the world. Challenges would build up at work between 18th April & early September. Avoid risk or new projects during this time as you might experience setbacks. A very dynamic and unexpected phase of growth at work will begin on 27th June & continue till 28th August. It is something you haven’t experienced in the past few years. The energy at work would be unbridles and high intensity. If you are able to handle it well, you could make progress you haven’t seen in sometime within a 3 month span between July & September. Avoid new partnerships during October & November as it could backfire majorly or turn out to be a wrong decision.

Aries 2018 Marriage & Love Horoscope

Aries, your personal life would be good as marriages go through a happy phase in 2018. If you are not married yet, this year would see some very good possibilities between March & early July 2018. Relationships would take off well as you will be able to shake off the bad news of the last 2 years. There is a strong possibility of new love after Valentine’s Day this year all the way till the end of summer 2018. Keep your eyes open for a great possibility or a chance meeting! Despite many opportunities you should remain careful of a sudden romance that could build up into a marriage possibility between 6th October & 17th November 2018. If a whirlwind romance or marriage possibility picks up, don’t get tempted but wait till the end of November before taking a final decision. Family life would be good most of this year for your Aries. While health would improve except for some minor issues after October till the end of 2018. Overall the year seems to be going well for marriage matters and relationships for Aries.

Aries 2018 Financial Horoscope

Finances would be much better than the past & savings would grow this year. Gains could come in due to your personal effort as well from partnerships, spouse & ancestral wealth. Very good chances after October 2018 are there, dear Aries.

Overall Aries 2018 Horoscope

Overall 2018 will see an uprise in fortunes. You would find the period January to mid April & July to September as the best period for growth. You should be cautious between mid April to end June & post October as challenges could mount during this time.

2018 Taurus:

A peaceful and relaxed mental state awaits you Taurus as you ring in the New Year. However, make sure to tame your anger before it squeezes out love from your relationships. Career will progress fine but do not think of switching job from March to July. During this period, you need to take your work seriously and avoid doing anything that might affect your job security. The period after May is positive for spouse, who may score a promotion! 2018 is promising if you were looking to work and settle in a foreign country. A loan may also get settled this year.

Taurus 2018 Horoscope – An Overview

You need to have a plan for 2018 as the 2018 horoscope brings with it challenges. You would get tremendous new opportunities and growth in multiple ways. However the sheer volume of new events in life could spoil the possibility of your ability to find gains with this new vibrant phase of your life. You will see yourself chasing new projects at the cost of real progress and growth prospects in life. Due to this you will find yourself at many points this year chasing rabbit trails at the cost of real progress. The ONLY way to handle this would be plan out your year and don’t run after new options either at work and even in your personal life. Especially if they don’t fit into your plan for the year.

Taurus 2018 Career Horoscope

Work might feel depressed or not yield the results that you expect despite tremendous effort that you will put in now. Most of this could be attributed to your need to pursue new options at the cost of servicing or continuing the more practical & feasible options now. There would be dynamism at work as many new opportunities would be open between March & June. However you will feel a rise in competition also during this time and some ground could be lost when you are pursuing other avenues of work. The difficult effects of lack of clarity might effect work between middle April & August. You should take this period seriously and work steadily with your head down during this period. You need to understand that any challenges that come now need to be addressed head on & abandoning current plans for other avenues with a hope to do better will not be the best approach. New partnerships and associations will begin from October 2018 which would bring good amount of progress at work. Despite what has been written above, you should continue promoting your work & indulge in networking & marketing opportunities as & when possible.

Taurus 2018 Love Horoscope

Love & relationships will experience some turbulent times this year. Health of spouse could be difficult & pressures could build up on this count from 18th April till end of August. Sudden decisions about marriage could come up this with new and sudden developments 27th June & 28th August. Tremendous amount of luck is possible in this regard but you should hold back any final decisions till September. October 2018 onwards marriage as well as relationships would take a very positive change. If unmarried, very good chances of marriage would build up. However love relationships cold turn very turbulent & unreliable between 6th October & 17th November 2018. Partner could turn inimical during this period and so steer clear of any controversy till you cross the 20th of November.

Taurus 2018 Finance & Money Horoscope

Finances will be contrarian as there would be good inflows & income but your pre existing liabilities & expenses would take the advantage away and keep the finances on the edge. Major investments should be held back this year. A peculiar trend that you must be ready for is the sudden change in your thinking and a relative lack of reliability in your temperament which could effect decision making between 6th October & 17th November. Due to this any major decisions during this time should be avoided and impulsive actions & decisions be avoided.

Overall, October to December could be the most favorable period for progress while challenges could be the highest between March & August 2018.

2018 Gemini:

Suggests many new business and growth opportunities ahead but exercise caution from May to November when enemies would be most active. There’s also a possibility of injury/accident. Other than that, your energy level is excellent this year. Rahu may spoil your language this year so think twice before you utter anything controversial. Overall, exercise caution when lending money and keep working hard, eventually, your labor will bear fruits. If married, the period after October could be rough.

Gemini 2018 Horoscope – An overview

Dear Gemini, the year 2018 could be high on ideas but lower than expected progress in terms of results would be there. This year would bring a very high level of emphasis on creative ideas connected with work and you might be involved in some very large projects. The contradiction or the flip side could be a simultaneous opposition & slowdown when it would boil down to the actual implementation of various things that you take up during this year. Further due to a very restless & highly active sub conscious state of mind, you might find it challenging to concentrate on activities that would bring direct results. The biggest learning during this year, therefore would be to work on focussing on important issues, avoid working on many things simultaneously and be ready to encounter hurdles in personal life as well as joint areas of work.

2018 Gemini Career Horoscope

Work will be the most rewarding part this year as you will be highly creative, possess the ability to handle & plan some very large projects. You will find your mental capability will be greatly enhanced increasing your ability to multi task, be creative & churn out an exceptional amount of work. The flip side would be the ability to multi tasking would make you waste time on projects that are not very important for your progress. You will find that the new learnings & ideas of the past would give you the right learning & impetus to achieve much more as you move towards the end of the year, particularly after 12th October. Work environment would improve tremendously & you might appear as an obvious leader at work by the end of the year. Partnerships would be difficult & there would be frequent hurdles due to overseas sources, new ideas would be initially rejected & joint projects would turn controversial between April & August 2018. Be cautious about over investing in business as funds could get blocked.

Gemini 2018 Love Horoscope

Love & relationships would be great. A new love relationship could come up this year. Very good chances are possible between February & May 2018. Also a whirlwind romance that could change your relationship destiny could come up during October & November. Both these events would change how you look at your relationship profile at the beginning of the year. Marriage matters would be very happy. You might find romance back in your married life. If you plan to marry for love, then this year is very positive. Your anger & fixed attitude could hurt relationships during July & August so be cautious.

Gemini 2018 Finance & Money Horoscope

Finances would be good as a new source of income & a potential rise in income possible. However wasteful expenses could nullify the gains if you are not cautious. An idea from spouse or business partner could turn out to be bad & hurt finances. Be cautious and use your best judgement. Some hurdles in inheritance could be felt this year.

Health could be poor & chances of injury are high between 27th June & 28th August 2018. You need to remain cautious & should consider an astrological remedy. Further anger could be your undoing during this time & so be careful.

Broadly, the year looks good. There would be very good progress due to your intelligence & good sense. This is one year when you should listen to yourself & not to others. Devote time to learning & self improvement. Spiritual & religious realization would be good now.

2018 Cancer:

This year, there could be some confusion and stress but if you maintain an optimistic approach, life would not be as hard as it may seem. There would be sudden opportunities that may bring you money for a long while; it could be income from rent or sale of ancestral property or a new business proposal. Work pressure would be high which means you will need to maintain work-life balance before it affects your relationships.

Cancer 2018 Horoscope – An Overview

Cancer 2018 Horoscope denotes that this is the year of progress & material gains. Gemini, all your instincts would work in synchronization with the common objective of progress in profession & finances. You will find a higher level of energy in mostly everything you do in 2018, as there will be an inherent rise in confidence & aggression. This is also the year when you will get things you had wanted & waited for, be it the new home, jewelry, watches or cars. 2018 forecast also denotes that in this exciting phase, there would be frenzy in the mind. This might make you rigid at times. The combination of these issues could take you through a very eventful period but could also induce some wrong or ego based decisions. So having the good counsel of somebody you trust would be very important in 2018.

Cancer 2018 Career Horoscope

Career Predictions for 2018 indicate that work will remain high priority as well as see success. You would be extremely aggressive in your work environment & will get things done. A streak of hard work, luck,& aggression would bring in tremendous growth & you should be able to overcome & even wipe out competition during 2018. This aggressive & hard working phase will nullify any threats that are currently present at work. An expansion phase at work is in progress & would continue until October 2018. Most of the gains would come from an increase in your contact base as well as new clients. Cancer, you will find good support from family. Real estate or fixed assets could become a good means of deployment and eventual growth in business. You will experience that working on your own would yield better results rather than in partnership. Partnerships would mostly suffer from issues & differences of opinion during this year. Cancer Horoscope also suggests that a somewhat difficult phase would come up in your career around the middle of 2018. You will find that due to a rise in growth & progress, mutual ego in joint projects & partnerships could rise. This might become acute between 27th June & 28th August 2018. You need to avoid controversy & any radical decision about working in partnership during this time.

Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

Cancer, for love & marriage, the year 2018 does not show a rosy picture. Matters relating to romance might not give you the kind of comfort & satisfaction that you crave. A certain gap in expectation would be present. You yourself might end up judging your spouse / partner too harshly & sometimes unfairly. It would be beneficial to lower expectation this year in relationships & focus on giving rather than expecting in relationships. Cancer, this would help you cross the period in a happier state of mind. A new love relationship could come up after October 2018. A particularly tough period in marriage is possible during July & August 2018. Considering the events that would build up, you would do well to avoid any hasty or harsh steps during this period. Mostly the issues that could spoil matters could be higher work pressures & possibly an outside love interest between June & September 2018.

Overall, for career, 2018 Cancer Horoscope holds promise as the year would be very favorable for career progress while personal life & spiritual matters might take a back seat. Even learning could be compromised due to ego at times during this period. Financial & professional progress would be exceptional this year. New ideas & growth could spike after October 2018. You should be careful about health between May & August 2018.

2018 Leo:

This year will bring a lot of mental relief but don’t let anger take the better of you. Haters will hate, but you know how to deal with them. That said, it would be in your best interest to not create new enemies. Victory in court case is also indicated. But if in business, keep a watch on competitors in the market. Overall, business would be growth-oriented and you might have to travel a lot from March to July. This is also a good year to buy a house or settle abroad. However, your 2018 horoscope also indicates possibility of some fresh ailment so health needs attention.

Leo 2018 Horoscope: An Overview

Leo 2018 Horoscope is indicating a year when reality & perception could get mixed up causing certain challenges that you might not have felt in the recent times. A gradual increase in pessimism and negative thinking could take away the buoyancy and progress of the recent years. Leo, you might act in an unconventional manner that could lead to depletion in your status or public image. The forecast also indicates that your complexes and worries could grow on a sub conscious level leading to a self-created glass ceiling that could curb you unnecessarily in 2018. This is the year when you need to spring clean your mind & revisit your drawing board that would help you plan for times to come. Old ideas might not work for you Leo, and so you need to reboot your professional as well as personal life in 2018.

Leo 2018 Career Horoscope

Predictions for career remain vibrant and denote a very active period throughout 2018. The only difference is that success would not come without changing your way of doing work. Just working hard will increase pressure as well as worry on your head. Leo, unless you come up with a plan to build up new options, substantial progress would elude you. 2018 requires a higher effort for business promotion, networking & an attempt to open up new avenues at work. This is the time when you should take a back seat & let your team & subordinates work hard on your behalf. Delegation of work and authority would work well.

Leo Horoscope 2018 signifies that efforts to build up career could take place now with an eye on the next 4-5 years. This approach would be best rewarded in your case. New investments, any addition in overheads, as well as any speculative action should be avoided. Effectively it would be better to cut down costs as well as the level of risk in your activities. Work environment could turn hostile during July & August 2018. There could be extreme temptation to rebel & a possibility of a fight / argument with boss also possible. You should avoid controversy during this period. Forecast shows an overall improvement would come at work after October 2018commences. A very unreliable but high energy & volatile period would operate from 6th October till middle of November 2018. Leo, you need to hold back any major changes or risks at work during this time as a very strong back lash or wrong decision is possible during this period.

Leo 2018 Love Horoscope

Leo Horoscope 2018 for love & relationships forecasts that the matters might go through a dark phase as you might see negativity & lack of hope in relationships. A possibility of looking for a physical relationship outside your marriage or steady relationship is possible. This could result in a loss of position too & you should remain cautious on this count. Leo, some strange & unsteady developments in love life are possible during October & November 2018. Good chances of a new relationship during this time too.

Overall, 2018 would bring challenges until October, after which steady progress and prospects possible. If you could maintain a positive outlook for life, then good progress is possible. A special effort between May & August 2018 would be beneficial.

2018 Virgo :

Communication and intellect would be your strong suit this year. And you seem to have a good energy level too. However, from May to November, you might become short tempered. Avoid purchasing a house this year and also, do not trust anyone in business matters in the second half of the year. If married, relationship would become sweeter if you pay respect to your spouse and their family.

Virgo 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

Virgo 2018 Horoscope sees you all set to find progress at work as well as better finances in 2018. This would however come at a cost of troubled relations at home or distance from family. 2018 is peculiar as it would find you professional glory but real happiness might not come easy for you. Some very positive trends work for you this year Virgo, where you should take advantage without fail. Your creativity, power of expression and communication skills would be at a high until October 2018. There would be times when you get flashes of brilliances. You should therefore follow your dreams, the rabbit trails that this year would throw at you, and many opportunities that you have been waiting for. Grab all these opportunities in 2018.

Virgo 2018 Career Horoscope

Virgo Forecast 2018 for career indicates that gains would come in steadily. You will find that within the year, a variation in your line of work could come about leading to an additional source of income from your existing line of work. Your profession would bring higher growth & gains due to the existing network that you have, along with the new contacts that you would make during this year until October 2018. A new partnership or an association that can loosely be defined as a partnership could bring in special gains also. A significant rise in activity in these areas would come in from February until June 2018. Virgo, at the end of this period you could find that you would have run through many options mentioned above.

Virgo 2018 Love Horoscope

The side effect of the developments in work & business area would be the distance from family & an apparent dissatisfaction. Further, beyond April 2018 chances of excessive travel as well as possibility of relocation could build up until August 2018. Your horoscope also suggests that some Independent issues at home could set back progress at work this year. October 2018 onwards, possibility of a setback at work associated with fall in position possible. You need to be very careful on this account. Love matters, though would be positive but issues at home could cause some setbacks during this period. A very strong & peculiar phase would operate in love matters from June end until end of August 2018. Unexpected trends could emerge that could push you into an impulsive love affair. Existing relationships could come under intense pressure. Virgo, you should avoid getting into a position where you have to take decisions. Wait to cross into September 2018 before you do anything as such.

Virgo 2018 Finance Horoscope

The year 2018 for finances denotes a very positive period. There would be substantial gains. Income would also spike during October & November 2018. Luck in money matters would be substantial. Virgo, you should avoid taking a major business decisions during this period.

Broadly, the first 9 months of the year promise substantial gains. Avoid taking professional risks beyond that in 2018.

2018 Libra:

Career would remain your priority it seems but you will also spend enough time with your social circle this year. 2018 is a year to be practical. Do not make false promises or hand over something of value to someone you don’t trust. The period from May to November is not much positive for your domestic life but spouse would have substantial monetary gains during this period. In career matters, the period from March to July is crucial when you should avoid any hasty decisions like job change.

Libra 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

The year 2018 marks a period of coming together of the good and bad for you, as per 2018 Libra Horoscope. Even the level of good luck & difficult times could be in an equal measures during the year. Libra, you will see a gradual rise in your ambition & need to promote and grow. This year will see a rise in the level of dynamism that you generate and a new cycle of growth is about to begin for you. As 2018 begins, you might feel unsure of what you need to do in life, both professionally as well as personally. Forecast signifies that you will also see yourself in a phase of new learning & self discovery now. Many changes would come in your thinking & personality between February & May 2018. Your onward journey would be greatly modified as you enter the second half of 2018.

Libra 2018 Career Horoscope

Libra, for work / career, 2018 Horoscope indicates that the year is challenging yet a dynamic phase. The challenges however would act as opportunities since the pressures would push you to hunt for avenues. This in turn would have a cascading effect as many opportunities would come up due to your networking & promotional efforts. Libra, you might get aggressive in handling the challenges, which in turn could create pressure on your team. You need to handle the situations carefully since this could result in losing a valuable junior or team member, more so between May & August 2018. Short-term travel could also rise substantially during 2018. You will find a peculiar issue at work.

Horoscope 2018 hints at a rush of new enquiries & opportunities for you this year. This could come in because of your promotional efforts; however, many time-wasting & distracting opportunities would come about too. Libra, you should remember that, all that glitters is not gold, and go after only quality customers and reliable people when building up new business opportunities. Hard work & a clear action plan could help you grow tremendously in this uncertain playing field. A new technique of work would also emerge in 2018 as you would learn & understand a better and clearer way of moving forward.

Libra 2018 Love Horoscope

Libra Forecast 2018 for love & marriage denotes that matters would be positive. New relationships would remain vibrant and there would be a possibility of an exciting & racy love affair during October & November 2018. This is the period to have a great time but not good to make major decisions as such. It would be better to defer any marriage or love related decisions after December 2018. Marriage matters would see a maturing of perspective & a new way of looking at the relationship with spouse. However, a lot of anger & discontent would build up in domestic matters after May 2018. Libra, the pressures would mount during July & August 2018 and things could come to a boil. You would have to use your patience & good sense resources to the very limit to avoid any fiasco in marital matters. Avoid controversy as much as possible until 28th August 2018.

Libra 2018 Finance Horoscope

For finances, the year 2018 implies that things would look up after October 2018 begins. Till such period the going would be good but minor pressures would remain. Wrong decision in real estate matters possible this year.

It’s a poor year for children & siblings. Libra, be cautious during the April-August 2018 phase.

Overall, 2018 would be a good year but will come with its share of challenges. You should get the best results during the October – December period.

2018 Scorpio:

2018 would get off to a good start as long as you know how to make the best use of the energy you seem to have as the year begins. Planets are poised to make you intolerant of crude people and conversations. Your temperament at this time is serious and helping. The period from May to November would be full of confidence and courage, make the best use! Siblings will also do well in this period. For foreign settlement, you could make efforts during March to July. This period is also good for foreign and spiritual travel. If unmarried, wedding bells might ring for you after August.

How 2018 would be for Scorpio?

2018 forecast signifies that work will see a slow down to a large extent in terms of new projects & opportunities. There would not be a slowdown overall in your regular part of the work though. What you could experience this year would be a slowdown in rate of growth rather than the growth per se. You need to control your budgets and finances well this year, else there are likely to be challenges for you in this area. Remaining careful at work and not getting embroiled in controversies is highly recommended for you dear Scorpio. The year 2018 sends out a simple message for you dear Scorpio and that is: “Save money, don’t waste money or chase unreasonable targets”. Scorpio, you could be the target of phishing or similar activities too this year if you are not careful. Much better prospects are likely to come up after October 2018 begins for you.

2018 Scorpio Career Horoscope

This year, opportunities would be available from overseas sources to grow your work area. You should ensure the quality of business that comes through these sources & also whether the business planned is kosher. Scorpio, the actual implementation of such plans could have their share of jerks & hurdles. Despite the limitation, you would be in warrior-mode during May-September 2018. High level of aggression, dynamism would make you very growth oriented during this period. Scorpio, you should however avoid any controversy with team & subordinates during July & August 2018. Partnerships could go through challenging times during September-November 2018. Avoid any major decision & aggression towards partner between October & mid-November of 2018.

2018 Scorpio Love & Relationships Horoscope

Scorpio 2018 Predictions for love & marriage show that personal matters could see their share of challenges. Love life will see some exciting times and a new relationship driven by physical attraction could come up between February & May 2018 and then very prominently between 8th October & 17th November 2018. You need to be careful about how you conduct yourself during this period. Marriage matters would see challenges as atmosphere at home would be disturbed due to difference of opinion & challenges due to other family members. Be extra careful between April & August 2018. Since you would be traveling for work, the frequent travels for work could create problems in family matters too in 2018, dear Scorpio.

2018 Sagittarius:

You would become a serious, generous and disciplined person. However, your outlook and temperament may be a bit unstable during April to September. Avoid taking any major steps during this period. This is a good year for you to settle in a foreign place. Career and income graph would show upward trends but not without cutthroat competition and challenges. And the period from March to July demands more caution in career and money matters. Property deals would be favorable this year, not after October though.

Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

Sagittarius 2018 Horoscope is the truly mixed bag of an year. You would be in a joyous state and at the same time undergo many personal challenges at the same time. Sagittarius, you would be driven by a spirit to prove yourself, reclaim your position that might have gone down during 2016 & 2017 along with a new found disregard for consequences in 2018. You would understand obviously that such a situation usually courts controversy and so you might find yourself in the midst of controversy & confrontation more than once during this year. Predictions indicate that as long as you remain rational & honest, no problem would be too big to handle for you. This is also the year when you could see youself make new friends. A celebration in the family connected with your children is quite likely too in 2018.

Sagittarius 2018 Career Horoscope

Career Forecast 2018 denotes that work would be good. All efforts made by you would bring in good gains & income until early October 2018. Personal challenges would build up between April & August 2018 that could lead to some high level of pressures at work. You will end up putting long hours at work & distractions would make it difficult for you to give your best. Still you will rise up to the challenges and come out a winner eventually. Sagittarius, you have to remember that a combative & fixed attitude is not the correct approach. Use of diplomacy in large measures and giving all situations a personal touch is a better way.

As per 2018 horoscope, all work that you carry out in your personal capacity would yield much better results than work done on a corporate level or by using a formal or a team format. Very good gains could come with personal partnerships that you would be able to forge in 2018. Aggression could also spike up during July & August 2018 leading to use of some harsh words with customers / seniors that could spoil relations and career prospects. You need to be very careful during this period, Sagittarius. Work environment could see some distractions and buildup of a possible relationship between September & November 2018. Avoid lack of discretion & judgment errors.

Sagittarius 2018 Love Horoscope

2018 for love & marriage indicates that matters would be good. Some exciting times could build up during October & November 2018. You should enjoy the moment but leave major decisions for the future. Marriage matters could be difficult. Health of spouse could be below average & cause concern. Sagittarius, you might end up being unfair towards spouse due to frequent anger bouts. Avoid unnecessary issues between May & August 2018.

Sagittarius 2018 Finance Horoscope

2018 for finances indicates that profits would be good but you might end up being wasteful. Avoid any form of speculation at all times. Income would be good in 2018. An attitude for saving would be difficult but you should invest in SIP etc. to safeguard your money.

Forecast signifies that your spiritual journey would commence beyond October 2018. There would be a good amount of interest in such matters as you might wish to move away from material goals during the last quarter of the year.

Overall, you would do well until early October 2018, beyond which activity levels could go down. Last quarter of the year is better left for plans & introspection.

2018 Capricorn:

Capricorn, your talents and skills would come to light now. Stay calm and focus on your work. As long as you do this, there is no looking back. However, the period from March to July could be tricky in career so keep an eye out and avoid any career change. This year is not much promising in terms of business partnerships. It would be good idea to screen all the paperwork yourself before giving a green signal. Gains from sources abroad are indicated during April to September but don’t be impatient. Things might take time to materialize. Avoid misunderstandings in relationships too.

Capricorn 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

The year marks the areas of work, relationships & partnerships and major life decisions as the highlights of 2018 for you. You would be rocket propelled by new projects and opportunities at work, which is likely to keep you super busy through the year. However, confidence, energy & the willingness to put in long hours would be depleted at the same time. This simultaneous push & pull could create much pressures and confusion for you. Possibility of error of judgment and wrong decisions is also possible. Capricorn, along with these events, you might find somebody on the horizon for a relationship. This could bring in its share of complications and distractions in life. So overall in an over active year, you would struggle to find time to complete your work, keep up with family & relationships as well as move forward with the opportunities that come to you. Despite the pressures, you would pull off all these things and make some substantial gains towards the end of 2018.

Capricorn 2018 Career Horoscope

The career predictions for you indicate a high-energy phase, as there would be rapid expansion, growth in opportunities and a general increase in gains and income due to the spurt in activity. On the other side, you will be exceptionally busy and see tremendous amount of hard work that would keep you blocked out from other parts of your life in 2018. Despite all the work, you might feel at times that your gains are lower in comparison to the hard work & efforts that you are putting in. You should not let any such doubt rule your plans as all this hard work would be well invested and the work & contacts built now would result in excellent growth prospects during 2018 and then again during 2020-24 phase. Partnerships would come in easily & in abundance. Capricorn, you might find many lucrative deals in joint projects. However, despite the options, do remember that deception is also possible. So do not rely on an unknown person or do any confidential or risky work in partnership as that could backfire majorly. If you choose your partners well, there would be great opportunities available for you.

February to May 2018 would be a great time to grow. A peculiar development this year would be a dip in your confidence in your abilities and energy levels. This aspect could make you lose some good options. Capricorn, you should keep the faith and not shy away from meeting new people. Some blocks & issues due to competition could spoil work during October & November 2018. You should be ready for such matter. During this period keep your communication channels open and avoid major risks or new projects during this period.

Capricorn 2018 Love Forecast

For love & personal matters, 2018 denotes an interesting period as a new relationship that has been on your horizon already before the beginning of the year would build up further after February 2018. Some special situations would build up during July & August 2018 in the matters of heart. What you aspire for might become available to you after October begins. However a confusing trend would still operate during October & November 2018. Clarity in love matters would become possible after 18th November. Avoid major decisions until then. Marriage matters would be eventful. If unmarried, a sudden marriage could take place unexpectedly. Capricorn, existing marital relationship would be fraught with doubts, suspicion & even an outside interest is possible. Spouse could be in a difficult state of mind and could act difficult during June, July & August 2018.

Overall, the year 2018 would bring you tremendous gains although you will not get much time or peace of mind to enjoy the progress in the first 3 quarters of the year. You should get used to getting the good counsel of people you trust or seek second opinions. Remaining conscious about your sole decisions would help you this year.

2018 Aquarius:

You will be on a hunt to acquire multiple sources of earning this year, it seems. Have patience, you would eventually get recognition you deserve. And don’t be afraid to make some compromises either. Making new connections this year would help you a lot later in life. But frequent mood changes could adversely affect your personal and professional relationships so change your approach accordingly. Try to be understanding and diplomatic at work, it will help progress faster.

Aquarius 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

2018 signifies a prolonged period of success for you! After a very hectic 2016 & 17, you seem to be ready to gather gains and growth due to all the hard work put in by you in the past. Luck seems high & opportunities from overseas would bring in some excellent prospects. Most of the progress could come in on account of finances. Aquarius, some sort of accolade would also come in due to your achievements this year. Further, your ability to find business in most unexpected places as well as an ability to make some very profitable deals would mark this year. Hard work would continue and you will be able to impress whoever you come in touch with this year. A deep interest in religion could also build up during 2018. Overall, you will find 2018 would satisfy you & appreciate the blessings life has kept ready for you. Travels could hold the key to success this year.

Aquarius 2018 Career Forecast

For career, 2018 Horoscope indicates that work would remain busy & high energy mostly. An important clue to succeed this year would be that instead of chasing new customers, business ideas or projects you should stick to the work that you have done in the last 6 months. That would give you the best & most consistent growth prospects. New ideas and opportunities could be very exciting but might not give you gains right away. You are currently in a phase where gains could come in immediately. Further activity away from home should be very useful. There could be many opportunities at overseas locations in 2018. A connection with foreign sources would ensure you would do very well now.

Aquarius your work environment might turn a bit political now. There could be many new events & power equations that could build up. Diplomacy along with hard work is the best strategy to move ahead and show your colleagues the best way forward. Boss might play games. Be smart & try to see through what the real plan is. New investments & financial risks are not desirable in 2018. Some major setbacks in finances could come about during July & August 2018due to your rash actions. You need to remain conservative in finances between June & September 2018. Speculation should be avoided throughout the year.

Aquarius 2018 Love Predictions

2018 Horoscope for love and marriage denotes that personal matters would mostly be happy. A new relationship with an element of complication or some sort of unconventionality could build up during the year. If married, chances of some sort of extra marital or attraction outside the marriage could come up also. Very interesting & intense trends could occur during the period of 8th October to 17th November 2018. Marriage matters would be good mostly although some outside interest could build up. Some difficulties in compatibility due to your own temperamental instability could bring challenging times between May & September 2018.

Overall, you should look forward to a successful year. Working & living life in a straight and good-natured way would give you excellent results. Major upward movements are possible with the right handling during 2018

2018 Pisces:

Your interest in spirituality would expound further, affording more peace and contentment. However, career may still become stressful at times when things seem out of hand. It could be a forced job transfer too. Career would be a lot stable after October. The idea is to practice patience and keep expectations low. Results may get noticeably delayed during April to September but don’t rush or get impatient. You have good energy and luck quotient. All you need is some patience to make it far.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope-An Overview

2018 Horoscope suggests that this would be the year when you might feel restricted as many factors beyond your control could hold back progress leading to irritation & exasperation at times. You will find your mind over active and drumming up of your emotions which could make thinking & planning irrational at times. Further, the wish to work hard & make new things happen would be quite high. However your superiors might block out the plans and a certain amount of dampener on your spirit might come due to these developments. The best way to counter these matters would be to carry out as much work as possible, as an individual. Work as a professional would be rewarded well and substantial gains could work in projects where you act as an advisor, broker or work in individual capacity. Further there would be good amount of gains from spouse or due to work of partners. This year might see you pessimistic or think apprehensively about the future.

Pisces 2018 Career Horoscope

As per Career Horoscope 2018 for Pisces, work will see a rise in authority, activity but certain amount of restraint and unnecessary pressure would come in from superiors. Some hurdles & blocks could build up between April & August 2018. You need to avoid confrontation during this period as well as taking any drastic steps. There could be many occasions where you might feel like throwing up things in the process and move on. It would be helpful not to take any drastic steps during the above period and wait to get into September 2018. Beyond that, work would improve & luck would move up substantially by 12th October 2018. High energy & achievement of many milestones would become possible after September 2018. Your mind would remain over active & susceptible to negative thoughts. This might undo a lot of opportunities & waste energy that would have been generated. You need to break the glass ceiling & not let this state of mind, restrict your progress. Major investments at work need to be avoided though as it might turn out to be a wrong decision to increase your exposure to financial risk unnecessarily. Financial gains & luck might spike between July & August 2018 and so you could have a contrarian period when career pressures would peak along with financial gains. You should work hard & not fail to rise to the challenge these period would bring to you.

Pisces 2018 Love Horoscope

Personal Life would remain a source of thinking & high activity. You will be very active in matters of the heart. The real situation might elude you though and you may not be able to understand the intent of your partner clearly. Various issues & confusing trends could build up between February & May, leading to discontentment. A whole new wave of passions and movement could come between October & mid November 2018. This confusion would mark out major changes in your love life & once you cross 18th November, luck will turn for the positive. You would be able to take clear decisions also. Marriage matters would be average though. Pressure would build up in marital matter due to work & ego. April to August period could be challenging. Due to suspicion, relation with spouse could remain below average. You will find improvement after October 2018. Very good improvement in marital matter possible after October till end of the year. Avoid issue with siblings or friends as that could spoil the outlook for future.

Overall, 2018 promises a lot of hard work as well as achievements. All the efforts made during the first nine months would bring in excellent results in the last three months of the year. Clear mind, blessings of elders and good wishes of people around you will go a long way for you in 2018!

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